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Synopsis for "The Tempest (Part I)"

Angel and Nightcrawler surprise Jean-Paul Beaubier on the rooftop of Stuyvesant High School. After causing and saving Beaubier from his fall, Nightcrawler and Angel invite him to join Xavier's School, saying they have a place for him. Unknown to them, Beaubier has already heard about their mutant program and is unwilling to join due to the news of Beast's death. Before taking off, Beaubier tells the two X-Men that he does not like the idea of being segregated from the rest of humanity just because of special powers.

At the X-Mansion, Wolverine and Colossus are in the Danger Room, pushing themselves to their limits. Emma Frost and Xavier observe, Frost disapproving of this brutal violence. Xavier believes it is only their way of showing grief for their lost friend. Frost hardly recognizes the Xavier she knew years ago and needs to leave the school to distance herself from Xavier until he better realizes his former dream. Frost packs up to return to Chicago taking only Alex Summers with her. Scott is torn about his brother leaving, feeling that he offered him everything he needed at Xavier's School. Jean calms Scott's mind by bringing him into the fantasy world of Corsair, a world he created when he was a kid. Kitty becomes annoyed with her schoolmates as they have invaded her space. She heads back to the room that she shares with Storm, only to find her mourning the loss of Beast, her hair cut short.

In the streets of New York, Jean-Paul Beaubier runs into a large older man in an alley. Before Beaubier can speak, the man reveals himself to be Mister Sinister, firing his gun at the young mutant.

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