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Synopsis for "The Tempest (Part II)"

In one night, five teenage mutants are shot in the chest by Sinister, and the only one to survive the homicidal villain was Jean-Paul Beaubier. As Beaubier sits in a hospital bed, comatose, Jean Grey ventures into his mind, helping Beaubier come to face his attacker. Jean locates the moment of impact and as they peer into the face of Sinister, Beaubier wakes from his coma.

In midtown Manhattan, detectives are investigating one of Sinister's mutant killings. While the detectives argue, Wolverine enters the deceased teen's room, sniffing around for a scent that will lead him to the killer. No such scent exists and Wolverine exits the room before the detectives return.

At Xavier's School, the students continue their training exercises with Cyclops pushing them harder than before. Xavier speaks to Nick Fury through Cerebro, asking for his help in this mutant matter. Fury declines, unable to assist mutant kind due to tie-ups in Washington. Xavier alerts Fury that Sinister is not a mutant threat as he is a genetically altered human. Fury cannot provide any service unless there is proof Sinister is actually a product of genetic engineering. After Xavier loses contact with Fury, he calls his student's in to discuss this threat. Xavier informs his students they will not be involved in the murder investigation, but when Wolverine walks in and tells them there are no chances of Sinister being tracked down, Xavier agrees only for the senior students to find the killer.

Sinister congratulates himself on killing the four mutants for his lord. As he does, the shadowy figure of his lord makes an appearance. Sinister looks in fear as Lord Apocalypse makes it known that Sinister will only receive his grace when all ten innocent souls have been delivered to him.

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