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Synopsis for "The Tempest (Part III)"

At the Xavier's School, the younger students are fighting an alien invasion simulation in the Danger Room. While the students would rather be out there taking down Sinister with the rest of their team, their training exercise is interrupted by an intoxicated Dazzler returning from her travels.

Out on the mission, the X-Men split up into teams of two to track down the homicidal Sinister, who is already making the next steps of his Lord's master plan. Colossus and Cyclops take midtown Manhattan, Wolverine and Storm take downtown, and Nightcrawler and Jean Grey take Harlem.

Jean and Nightcrawler teleport to the rooftops where they are attacked by Roberto DaCosta, a mutant looking to stop Sinister on his own. DaCosta is upset with the X-Men as this is the first time he has seen them even though mutant problems have been growing. Before Nightcrawler and Jean can respond, DaCosta makes his getaway.

Cyclops and Colossus head into a warehouse full of arms dealers who are Colossus's old gang. Things become hostile and guns are fired. Cyclops is taken hostage but uses Colossus's reflective forehead to fire a beam at his captor. Finding the warehouse a bust, they head on elsewhere to track down Sinister.

Wolverine and Storm are on street level, looking for leads on Sinister. Storm thanks Wolverine for not bringing up Beast like the rest of the teammates have been doing since his passing. Wolverine's old soul shows as he understands how people deal with loss. Wolverine and Storm stop in at a tattoo shop, knowing that they keep records of all who get ink done. They learn Sinister has the last name of Essex, and they head to Sinister's residence. Inside the apartment, Storm discovers a dummy covered in a botched uniform while Wolverine makes the more drastic discovery. Sinister is not in Manhattan but already making his way to Xavier's School.


The alien menace that the students face in the Danger Room resemble The Brood (Race) from the mainstream universe.

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