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Synopsis for "The Tempest (Part IV)"

Xavier has become paranoid over the safety of his students that he has resorted to keeping cameras posted on them at all times. Unlucky for him, Sinister isn't very photogenic. Sinister takes Xavier and wheels him to the stairs, throwing him down the flight. As Sinister is about to deliver his fatal gunshot at Xavier, the younger X-Men step in, taking on Sinister, each at their own fashion. Iceman freezes Sinister's hands, but he easily breaks out firing a round into Iceman's chest. Rogue is Sinister's next target, him swiftly turning to fire at the young mutant. Shadowcat phases Rogue through the bullets, pulling her into the ground. Sinister comes across Angel next, astonished by his angelic features. With Sinister's mental powers, he commands Angel to choke himself. Before Angel can finish with Sinister's deed, Dazzler fires her sparks at the homicidal villain, throwing him out the window. Dazzler goes to finish off Sinister but is quickly loses the upper hand, Sinister taking her as a hostage, knife to her throat. Rogue picks up Sinister's gun, looking to take revenge for Iceman, but after learning of Iceman's survival, Angel stops her, accidentally making skin to skin contact. Rogue sprouts wings like Angel, taking off towards Sinister, picking him up and pulling him into the air. Rogue threatens to drop Sinister, but Sinister has other plans, using his mind controlling powers to crash. Thanks to Storm, Rogue gets distracted enough to out will Sinister. She punches him, knocking Sinister out.

Three hours later, Xavier has awoken and S.H.I.E.D. has arrived at the school to take Sinister away. Fury explains that Sinister worked of Oscorp, and when he could not get permission to continue his experiments, he started to do tests on himself, driving himself mad. Xavier apologizes to Storm for the way he has been acting since the death of Beast, now noticing he has to let go of his students in order for them to grow.

At the Triskelion, Sinister is put into containment where he is alone with his mad self. The voice of Apocalypse speaks to him once again, telling him he has failed his lord. The last thing Apocalypse commands Sinister to do is to choke himself.

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