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Synopsis for "Cry Wolf (Part I)"

During her meditation, Scott comes up to Jean, wanting to spend some time with her while everyone else is away at Coney Island. They are not the only ones left at the mansion. Inside, Kurt and Warren play out a pirate adventure in the Danger Room, unknowingly being watched by Xavier.

At Coney Island, the X-Men explore the park, taking part in the attractions. The team splits up, Bobby, Rogue, and Kitty head out to ride the amusements, Logan and Storm roam the boardwalk, and Piotr and Dazzler are left to find amusement themselves. Storm beomes upset after seeing Wolfsbane as an attraction. She explains to Logan that since the death of Hank, she hates when mutants are put on displayed for their appearance. Logan assures her that these mutants are like most humans and are just looking for a place with a tribe. As Bobby and Kitty wait for Rogue to get out of the bathroom, Kitty shows her jealousy over the time Bobby and Rogue have been spending with one another. Kitty believes it is because Bobby is not ready for a serious relationship that he has to be with someone he cannot touch. During Kitty's speech, Bobby kisses her, only to be caught by an upset Rogue. Rogue knocks out Kitty and starts getting into an argument with Bobby before Gambit interrupts the X-Men drama.

During their trip to Coney Island, the X-Men have been watched by Gambit from afar. It was not till the drama within the team started that he decided to make his appearance. Gambit starts the attack, lighting up one of his cards and taking out Iceman. The rest of the X-Men join in soon after Iceman falls, coming to the rescue. As a distraction, Gambit attacks the ferris wheel, letting it roll into danger. While most of the X-Men go and deal with the disaster, Wolverine is left behind to take care of Gambit. As Wolverine pulls out his claws, Gambit takes out his staff. With one swift hit, Gambit breaks his staff on Wolverine's head. To counter, Gambit takes hold of Wolverine's claw, lighting it up with kinetic energy saying that if he lets go, Wolverine will explode. Wolverine retracts his claw assuming Gambit will back off. Gambit does the opposite and takes his staff and blows it up in Wolverine's face. Gambit tackles Rogue, explaining he is not a murder but a thief and he has been sent to steal her.

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