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Synopsis for "Cry Wolf (Part II)"

Wolverine awakes, his face still damaged from the attack made by Gambit. He stands up and tells the rest of the X-Men that he is going after Rogue before he loses the scent. Iceman looks to tag along but is stopped by Colossus as he is not one of the adult team. Iceman refuses to listen to them, telling Kitty this does not concern them and he is going after the one he loves.

In a dark cell, Rogue wakes up to find Gambit playing Solitaire, waiting for Rogue to gain consciousness. Rogue attempts to get Gambit to remove the handcuffs she has been placed in. Gambit knows of Rogues powers, understanding that if those gauntlets come off, she is free to touch him and get her way out. As they chat, Gambit gets closer to Rogue. It is then Rogue reveals that her powers do not only work through her fingers. She goes in and kisses Gambit, stealing his memories and powers. She fills her gauntlets with kinetic energy, hitting Gambit away and blowing them off. Rogue escapes her cell only to find her surrounded by a swat team, ready to take her down. Rogue uses the deck of cards she took off Gambit to fight through the team making her way to a window leading outside. As soon as she breaks the window, Rogue discovers she is on one of the top stories of the Empire State Building.

At the Xavier School, the team, minus Wolverine and Storm, reassemble, Xavier attempting to locate Rogue or Gambit. Xavier cannot though, wondering if the people who took Rogue are protected against psychic intrusion. Jean offers to help, believing that with both their minds, they can create a more direct search. Xavier agrees this is the way to go, kicking everyone but Jean out of the room.

Back at the Empire State Building, Rogue is approached by Andrea and Andreas von Strucker, two mutants who have a shared ability. They explain to Rogue that they are the co-presidents of Fenris International and are wanting Rogue to join them as one of their spies to ensure them economic empowerment. This group would help Rogue with her powers as well as her accent, making her the perfect tool for Espionage.

On a nearby roof top, Storm catches up with Wolverine, who has lost the scent of Rogue and needs the wind to pick back up. Storm fulfills Wolverine's request, creating a gust for him. Wolverine tells Storm that he sees Rogue as a younger sister as they both had been used and abused by the same groups. He should be there to protect her so that she does not have to protect herself. Storm tells Wolverine they both have changed since then and they are all in a better place. As Storm makes the wind pick up once again, they embrace in a kiss.

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