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Synopsis for "Cry Wolf (Part IV)"

The X-Men make their way to the Empire State Building, looking to save their kidnapped teammate, Rogue. Iceman grows antsy as they get closer to the building, ready to find those responsible for his "girlfriend's" kidnapping. Iceman forces Nightcrawler to teleport him into the building, even though they do not know what they are teleporting into.

In the lobby, Wolverine attacks Gambit, pulling back his claws to avoid Gambit's kinetic touch. Wolverine headbutts Gambit, knocking him down with his adamantium skull, then taking his cards and tossing them out of his reach. Wolverine tells Rogue to leave as she does not want to see what Wolverine is going to do next.

Upstairs, the von Struckers are back on their feet, Andreas angry that the girl used her powers to get away. He no longer about employing her for her gifts but now he wants revenge. Before he can act, Iceman and Nighcrawler teleport into the room. The von Struckers grab hands and blast the two intruders, knocking them down. Iceman fights back, unable to break the hold of the two mutants.

Wolverine has beaten Gambit to a pulp, leaving him begging for mercy. Wolverine refuses to let up, even after Gambit breaks his leg. It is not until Rogue aims a gun at Wolverine he stops his rampage.

Angel and Colossus fly towards the Empire State Building, Angel tossing Colossus into the von Strucker window. As Colossus gives them the muscle, the co-presidents declare they have no idea what the X-Men are talking about, denying anything to do with the Rogue kidnapping. Jean lets the duo know that since the barrier has been broken, all their secrets exposed to Jean's telepathy.

Rogue confronts Wolverine, explaining the situation Gambit has gotten himself into. Gambit is like Wolverine and Rogue, having been pushed into doing something awful by evil people, but compared to Wolverine, Gambit and Rogue have a chance for change while Wolverine has continued being who he is. Storm arrives, concerned about Wolverine and the situation he has stumbled upon. Wolverine just shrugs Storm off, stating he has never belonged with the group. As Wolverine walks off, Storm blames Rogue for everything that just happened, saying she has been ungrateful for everything Wolverine has done for her and the group. Storm heads off, leaving Gambit and Rogue to decide what to do next. All Rogue wants is to be left alone but Gambit refuses to let her go off by herself, inviting her to come along. Rogue reveals her real name, Marian, and gives in to Gambit's temptation, kissing him and sharing his memories. The X-Men arrive as these two mutants embrace, Iceman filled with jealousy. Rogue announces she is leaving the school and heading off with Gambit to try her own thing. The X-Men are left standing in the rain, feeling less like a family.

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