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Synopsis for "A Hard Lesson"

During a trip to the his bank, Xavier learns his money has account has been frozen. It seems that the Hellfire Club claims there was an unauthorized account transfer months ago, causing an investigation on Xavier's account, leaving the school without funds. Xavier pleads with the financial officer to unfreeze some money so he can run his school but the officer tells him there is nothing he can do about it. While Xavier holds back a hasty use of his powers, the bank loses power causing confusion through out. Syndicate announces themselves to the bank patrons as they are there to hold them hostage. The patrons watch as this conjoined mutant steps into the bank, all of them talking about their outward appearance. Syndicate explains to the people who they are able to emit an electromagnetic pulse, cutting off the silent alarm system. Xavier sits in the back, using his telepathy to find and relay all law enforcement agents to the Bank of Westchester. While the patrons are compliant to the robbers, Syndicate abuses the humans who try and be reasonable, giving Xavier the excuse to try and control Syndicate telepathically. Syndicate becomes aware of the telepath's presence.

Syndicate grabs one of the hostages, believing him to be the telepath trying to play with their minds. Xavier comes forward as a fellow mutant but Syndicate shrug him off, thinking him just to be a freak. Law enforcement agents arrive on the scene, putting Syndicate on the defensive. Xavier speaks through one of his fellow hostages, telling Syndicate to keep the hostages alive so they can be used for negotiating. As the boy tells Syndicate what Xavier puts in his head, Xavier contacts his X-Men, who are still handling a threat in New Jersey, leaving him alone to handle the small situation in the bank.

Syndicate moves the hostages into the vault in order to keep them away while they negotiate with the police. The security guard suffers a heart attack with the only person who knows CPR lapsing in memory. Xavier removes the mental blocks on the woman, causing her to remember how to give mouth to mouth, saving the man's life. Xavier asks one of the bank manager if he can gather theft prevention devices from the bank bags. To help with the handling of the thugs, Xavier removes the blocks on another woman's mind, giving her the skills to disarm her opponents. Xavier is ready to put his plan into action.

Xavier wheels out Syndicate, wanting to buy his freedom. Syndicate refuses to take the professor's money as they are going to steal all of it anyway. Xavier insists they take the money, tossing the bag at Syndicate, letting the ink inside them to cover the crooks. Xavier telepathically tells his team to attack, the woman using Tae Kwan Do to disarm Syndicate. With one gun left, Syndicate opens fire, causing everyone to hit the deck. One of the hostages comes at Syndicate with a fire extinguisher, knocking them unconscious. Xavier tells the hostages to leave as he holds his position as he intends to finish this.

Syndicate wakes back up, grabbing Xavier by the neck. Xavier struggles but reveals to them that he is indeed the telepath, finding out their name and their motive. Syndicate sets him down, Xavier explaining that if they do not do what he says, he will get their ailing sister to jump off the hospital building she is in. Syndicate agrees, stepping out to surrender to the police. While one side of Syndicate agrees to surrender, the other cannot handle it and starts to freak out, giving the police a reason to open fire, killing Syndicate. As Syndicate lays there dying, Xavier and the real Syndicate walk out of the bank, being cloaked by Xavier's powers. Xavier created an illusion that will disappear by morning, having everyone in the situation forget it ever happened. As payment for his service, Xavier asks Syndicate to go on one mission for him. He asks Syndicate to use their special skills to get his money back from the Hellfire Club.

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