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Months ago, Yuri sits damaged in a hospital room, staring out her window and trapped in her chair. Dr. Cornelius approaches her, letting Yuri know that he is familiar with the woman who put Yuri in the chair. Dr. Cornelius reveals that the same woman struck down a helicopter with a bolt of lightning, killing his friend. Dr. Cornelius gives Yuri a chance for revenge against Ororo, asking her to volunteer in an experiment to transform her into Wolverine's equal.

Ororo sits next to the wreckage, shocked to see her old partner alive and walking. Yuri is there for revenge, not just for her but for the death of Colonel Wraith, which Wolverine sets straight that it was Nick Fury who put two shells in Wraith. Only knowing she has to take care of Wolverine to get to Ororo, Deathstrike attacks Wolverine, her sharp finger extends piercing her opponent's weak Xiphoid. Ororo learns that Deathstrike is working with Dr. Cornelius, the same scientist that changed Beast into the creature he was. Ororo's anger gets to her, creating a storm around her and striking a tree. The tree falls on Deathstrike, crushing her but leaving Wolverine unharmed. Before they can get back up, a helicopter carrying Dr. Cornelius and a team from Weapon X. Ororo creates cyclone to carry Wolverine to the helicopter where he tears open the bottom, creating a chain of events leading the the helicopter's crash. Before Orono can check on Wolverine, she is attacked from behind by Deathstrike. Deathstrike gets her fingers around Ororo's neck, Orono struggling and ultimately deciding to strike the both of them with lightning. Wolverine comes running out of the flames to find an unconcious Orono and Deathstrike.

After reviving Ororo, Logan brings her back to Xavier Institute where she is awakened by Nightcrawler. Logan comes in, asking to be alone with Orono. Nightcrawler teleports away, glad to see the two of them back at the school. Logan tells Ororo that he cannot stay here because Weapon X will always be hunting them down. Ororo assures him that they were not after him this time but after her. Because of their pasts, they will always be in danger no matter who they are with.

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