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Synopsis for "Magnetic North (Part IV)"

At the Academy of Tomorrow, Doug Ramsey alerts his instructor, Emma Frost, that he made a discovery on the security footage Lorna's loss of control in the city. Frost tells Ramsey that she has looked at that footage over and over and have not found anything that proves Lorna's innocence. Ramsey tells his teacher that while there was nothing off about the footage during the attack, three days before there were a couple of people planting a machine in the area. Ramsey recognizes one of the culprits, identifying him as Forge, one of Magneto's lackeys. Frost jumps to action, calling Nick Fury, alerting him of Lorna's innocence.

Thirty minutes before the discovery, Jean Grey, Colossus, and Ice Man are confronted by the Ultimates. The Ultimates tell the X-Men that the Triskelion is their jurisdiction, but Jean argues they have not stepped foot on the island in hopes of stopping Alex Summers before he reaches the Triskelion. The X-Men are looking to stop Alex before he is taken into custody without a trial as with Lorna. Quicksilver lets it slip that Lorna is in custody with Magneto, causing outrage from the X-Men, making Jean think Xavier is never telling the full story.

Lorna defeats Magneto in chess, making Magneto proud that she has beaten him after only eleven games. Magneto stands up, revealing to Lorna that he means to leave this chamber. Magneto hopes that Lorna will join him on the outside, giving her a high position in his Brotherhood. Lorna does not follow, believing she needs to be held accountable for those people she hurt. Magneto gets angry, picking up a chair and walking towards the young mutant, knowing those protecting her are preoccupied. He swings the chair across her head, knocking her out.

Outside, Captain America hears a sound that turns out to be the sonic boom of Northstar's mutant power. Quicksilver is the first to be taken out, knocking him flat on his back. Cap yells out orders to his fellow Ultimates, getting Iron Man to secure the perimeter and Widow to get the kids out of danger. Ice Man believes he has a lock on Northstar, firing a chill wave at the target but putting Captain America in ice instead. Wasp fights back, taking out Ice Man before Jean shuts her down. Scarlet Witch then gets rid of the psychic, seeing her as a thread, and transporting her to New Jersey.

On the roof of the Triskelion, Forge gets cocky, surprised by finding no guards around to stop them from retrieving Magneto. Mystique sets him straight, knowing it may be a bit difficult but they do not have that much time to hang about.

Colossus takes hold of Scarlet Witch, curious about what she did with Jean. Iron Man and Widow come to save the mutant but are stopped by Havok's blast, tearing apart their armor and knocking them out. Overhead, Angel and Dazzler fly above, noticing the explosion from Havok's power. Since they do not believe Havok is there but already in the Triskelion, they fly on ahead, discovering Forge and Mystique venturing into the building. Colossus holds Scarlet Witch, her struggling and telling her fellow mutants they should be prepared to be locked away for what they have done to the Ultimates. Havok and Northstar ask Colossus to join them, but before he can answer, Scarlet Witch charges up, making Havok take the defensive and blast both Colossus and Scarlet Witch.

Mystique greets her love, going through the pleasantries they cycle through each time they meet. Mystique had no problems getting past the SHIELD agents but fears Fury has already called in reinforcements. Magneto picks up the unconscious Lorna, ready to escape from his imprisonment.

Angel and Dazzler walk the halls of the Triskelion, meeting Storm's old foe Yuriko in her prison cell. Dazzler laughs at the prisoner, saying it sucks to be her before moving on. Before they can get far though, the building shakes, Dazzler feeling a tugging at her face before all her metal piercings get ripped out. The walls around them start to spark, Angel covering Dazzler. The lights are out, the cells are open, Angel and Dazzler realize Yuriko is standing outside of her cage repeating the line said seconds earlier by Dazzler. Yuriko extends her metal finger, striking Dazzler through the chest, Angel leaping to her rescue.

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