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Synopsis for "Magnetic North (Part V)"

Magneto and his lackeys roam the damaged halls of the Triskelion, stepping over the bodies of fallen S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Magneto questions Mystique's loyalty, believing that she is not there for him but for her hatred of Xavier. Mystique agrees, but assures Magneto that her hatred has nothing to do with her loyalty as he betrayed all mutants. Magneto tells her that this is more than hatred for one man and she should be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice. Magneto and Mystique part ways, setting up Magneto's endgame.

In the prison, Angel cries out when Dazzler is pierced by Deathstrike. Angel yells out for guards but they all have been killed earlier. Lucky for Angel, Longshot sneaks up behind Deathstrike, snapping her neck and taking her out. Longshot sees this as retribution for Angel and Dazzler saving his life on Genosha but Angel refuses to see Longshot as anything other than a murderer. Angel flies off, leaving Longshot alone with Nathanael Essex, who is preaching the coming of Apocolypse, Longshot refuses to give Essex any of his attention but is surprised to see a recognizable face behind him.

Northstar and Havok run right up to the Triskelion, running up the side of the building and to the roof to find Magneto and Forge standing there waiting with Lorna in their possession. Magneto makes the first move, wrapping Northstar up in a metal sheet, preventing him from speeding off. Havok grows angry, charging his power but cools down after having Lorna's life threatened. Magneto grabs the boy by the neck but is interrupted by Cyclops in the Blackbird, calling dibs on his brother's death. Jean is having trouble getting into Magneto's head, but has little time to worry about it as Wolverine's claws expel from his hands, unable to control them. The Blackbird is ripped apart, causing the X-Men to fall below. Jean grabs Cyclops, Nightcrawler teleports saving himself, Storm grabs Wolverine but finds him to heavy to carry, dropping him into the water. Kitty is the last to be saved, going tangible and being saved by Iceman. The X-Men meet Magneto and the others on the roof of the Triskelion, causing Havok to panic due to Forge's threats to Lorna. Jean assures Havok that she is in control of Forge, keeping Lorna safe. Magneto holds Havok tightly around the neck as Cyclops charges is optic beam, ready to attack. Magneto scoffs at Cyclops's threat, knowing he can't hit him unless he hits Havok. Havok laughs back as Cyclops sends out his blast, the beam not affecting his brother one bit but knocking the mutant enemy out.

As Lorna awakes and embraces Havok, Nick Fury interrupts the mutant's victory to send his Howling Commandos to arrest Magneto and the other mutant culprit. Cyclops tells Fury of Lorna's innocence but learns he is not after the mutant girl but his brother, Havok, instead for the trouble he caused. A wet Wolverine steps up and tells Fury to let him go or he will reveal the mission Fury sent him on, killing that boy in the cave. Fury tells the mutants to leave, making certain they know S.H.I.E.L.D. and Xavier are no longer allies and if he ever has to deal with them again, they will be arrested. As Nick Fury lectures the teens, Angel crawls out of the building, carrying a lifeless Dazzler in his hands. Nick Fury sends for medics to save the fallen X-Man.

A week later, Angel visits Dazzler in the hospital as she lies in a coma. Xavier tells Angel that she will be alright but since he is taking all the blame for their actions, he has no choice but to expel Angel from the team. Xavier offers Angel a different position as a spy in Emma Frost's academy. Xavier does not feel as if Frost is someone to trust at the moment and he needs someone to infiltrate it for him. Angel agrees but if only Dazzler remains with him as she needs the X-Men more then ever.

Kurt eavesdrops in Piotr's phone conversation, listening as he makes plans with Jean-Paul. Kurt is confused at first, wondering about the relationship between the two of them, only to find out Jean-Paul has invited Piotr to homecoming. Piotr admits that he needs to be himself, out in the open like Kurt is with his appearance. Kurt has no clue how to respond that he teleports out of the room just as Rogue enters, telling Piotr that she is still trying to figure out who she is.

Emma Frost visits Magneto in his cell, confronting him about the way he used her student for his escape. She promises if he ever does something like this ever again, she will make sure he suffers for putting others in danger. She is glad only a single prisoner escaped and Magneto is still inside, stating they are both very lucky. Magneto looks away, saying they were very lucky indeed, revealing himself to be Mystique.

The real Magneto and Longshot trek the sewers, Longshot learning that Mystique faked her powers using the same equipment to frame Lorna. Longshot is impressed and glad to be a part of Magneto's brotherhood. Longshot asks what is next, looking to take out humanity. Magneto instead says those were yesterday ideas and it is time for something new.

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