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Synopsis for "Date Night (Part I)"

Scott Summers checks on Professor Charles Xavier while he is training in the Danger Room. Everyone seems to have plans for the night, especially Xavier, who is on a business date with a new financier after S.H.I.E.L.D. drops their support of the school. Kitty frantically looks for a ride to the city to meet her boyfriend. Since Scott and Jean are staying in Winchester to watch a movie and Kurt and Piotr are wanting to visit Alison in the hospital, Xavier offers Kitty a ride to the city, leaving Bobby and Rogue alone in the mansion.

In upstate New York, a man wonders his empty mansion, looking for his parents.

In the City, Xavier arrives late to his date, apologizing to his new financier. While Xavier knows very little about the school's benefactor, the woman assures him that her and her organization would like to give him a substantial amount of money.

Kurt and Piotr teleport into Alison's hospital room, making Piotr question why they just did not walk through the front door. Kurt reveals his confidence issues, knowing that he is not the type that can just walk in anywhere. Kurt confesses his feelings to Piotr, wondering why Alison went for the angel when she seemed like the type who would like a demon. As Piotr tries to relate to Kurt, they are interrupted by a nurse, prompting Kurt to teleport him and Piotr into the closet.

Wolverine and Storm play pool in a tavern in the middle of nowhere. Wolverine jokingly accuses Storm of using her powers due to her winning streak. Storm laughs it up saying there is no way her powers can make her this good. They both discuss Wolverine's change in habits since moving in with the X-Men, stating that it seems it was mostly Jean tampering with his mind. As their game continues, a patron comes up to Storm, trying to take her away from Wolverine. Wolverine snickers before a fight ensues.

Back at Xavier's School, Rogue wonders into Bobby's room, finding him watching random funny videos online. As they laugh and enjoy the wonders of the internet, Rogue becomes self-conscious, believing him looking at her eyes, having becoming just like Gambits after his death. Bobby says there is nothing wrong with her eyes, that they are exotic looking. A flattered Rogue moves closer to Bobby, placing her hand on his shoulder, revealing that after her absorption of Gambit's powers, she can freely touch anyone she pleases. Not realizing it, she lights Bobby's shirt with kinetic energy, making Bobby go ice in order to avoid the explosion. Rogue jumps on Bobby, making out with him passionately, both never having done what they are about to do before.

Jean and Scott sit in a movie theater, Jean using her telepathic powers to hint at what she wants from Scott. After making out, Jean storms out, angry that she has to keep telling Scott what she wants instead of him making the first move. With her powers she knows everything Scott wants to do but she always has to pressure him into doing it. Scott finally takes the initiative, giving her a passionate kiss as a start.

In the City, while Kitty Pryde and Spider-Man fight some thugs, Xavier continues his date with the mysterious woman. To Xavier's understanding, the government sees the woman's group as a religious organization. She says her organization is much more than just a religion. She reveals herself as Lilandra Neramani, the Majestrix of the Church of Shi'ar Enlightenment.

Wolverine and Storm walk out of the bar, having already stirred up trouble with the locals. To their surprise Sabretooth has returned, standing outside, ready to start trouble of his own. Elsewhere, back at the abandoned mansion, the unknown man still wonders the halls, looking for his parents. He finds his parents bodies laying on the floor, wondering what has he done.

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