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Kurt Wagner sits at the edge of Alison's hospital bed, telling her all his feelings as she lies in a coma. Kurt is feeling a bit lonely since everyone in the X-Men seem to be finding companionship. Kurt also feels betrayed by Piotr, who has been keeping his sexuality a secret, feeling that he cannot knowledge what Piotr is. All Kurt feels he has now is the comatose Alison.

After receiving a distress call from Colossus, who is at The Academy of Tomorrow for their homecoming, Cyclops brings all available X-Men together. Cyclops is shocked to find such a small roster of members available to fight, learning that Kitty is off with her boyfriend, Nightcrawler is now where to be found, and Jean is being interviewed by the folks Xavier brought in. Cyclops is forced to take Elliot Boggs along, bringing him on his first mission before he is even on the team.

In another part of the mansion, Jean is being examined by Lilandra Neramani in order to figure out if the Phoenix has taken shape within her. Jean cooperates with Lilandra and Xavier, letting Lilandra take her blood so that they can find the specific properties behind their god, believing Jean and the Phoenix will save their world.

As Cyclops and his team fly in the newly built X-Jet, the team get to know Elliot, wondering if he is going to fight in casual clothing. Elliot gets out of his seat and in one swift movement changes his outfit, creating his own X-Men uniform. The team is impressed by Elliot's powers, as well as his abs, all getting ready to land in Chicago. The X-Men arrive on the Academy of Tomorrow's campus, being greeted by Colossus crashing through the wall. As they help their team mate to his feet, the X-Men are greeted by the students of the Academy, mentally persuaded to believe the X-Men are The Brotherhood. Both teams are forced to fight each other, making the X-Men wonder what The Brotherhood are truly up to.

Back at the mansion, Jean expresses her concerns while being questioned by Lilandra. Jean discusses her dreams with Lilandra, explaining that in each one of her nightmares there are walls of fire and a giant flaming monster scorching the Earth. Jean sees the being as a destroyer of worlds, not one that will bring utopia. It is because she thinks the being inside of her is fake that Jean is able to keep her sanity, and if she does find out the Phoenix is real, the first thing she will do is jump off a bridge.

The X-Men take down the Academy, safely taking them away from the fight. The Brotherhood step out, looking to take down their rivals. The Brotherhood take the upper hand in the fight against the X-Men. It is not until Elliot steps forward, using his reality manipulative powers that the tides turn, being the only member of the team to push the Blob back.

Lilandra tries to comfort an emotional Jean, telling her that while it is a burden to carry the Phoenix, it will all be worth it in the end. Lilandra asks to grab Jean a towel, noticing she is covered in sweat. Jean holds her head in her hand, the Phoenix starting to overtake her mind. As Jean starts to lose control of her mind to the Phoenix, Lilandra backs away, scared to see the god she cherished threaten everything around her.

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