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Appearing in "Cable (Part II)"

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Synopsis for "Cable (Part II)"

Wolverine and Cable continue to fight one another in the Danger Room. Cable indicates that he is actually Wolverine, but from the distant future. Logan doesn't believe him – notably when Cable points out that his mission in the present is to kill Professor X. Cable plants several micro-detonators on Wolverine's chest, and the explosions nearly kill him.

Rogue and Iceman race in and Bobby attempts to freeze Cable into place. Colossus and Cyclops show up as back up. Cable breaks free and plants a detonator on Iceman. He then uses knockout gas to take care of Colossus. Realizing that he cannot take on all of the X-Men at once, he instead decides upon a strategic retreat. He grabs Jean Grey as a hostage, and then erects a force field barrier. With the X-Men at bay, Cable activates a teleportation device and escapes from the mansion.

Following the battle, the X-Men gather around to discuss a possible rescue operation. Suddenly, another dimensional rift opens up and a strange individual calling himself Bishop enters the room. Bishop is clearly from the future, and has come backwards through time to stop Cable – but he is too late.

Elsewhere, Cable places an inhibitor collar on Jean and locks her away in a cell. He then prepares for the next stage of his plan – this time however, he’s bringing his teammates – X-Force.


  • The first page of this issue includes a retraction to to the cover illustration credits for issue #75. The artwork is correctly credited to Michael Turner and Aspen.
  • Although they are not yet addressed by name in this issue, this is the first appearance of the Ultimate counterparts to X-Force.

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