Quote1 You're gonna help me kill Magneto. Quote2
-- Rogue

Appearing in "Ultimatum (Part I)"

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Synopsis for "Ultimatum (Part I)"

The Ultimatum Wave strikes Manhattan killing thousands in a massive tidal wave. Among the victims are the wife and child of reverend William Stryker.

At the Xavier school, the X-Men watch news broadcasts of the devastation. Jean tells the team that Dazzler and Nightcrawler were killed in the flood. Jean intends on taking a hardline stance against Magneto. Rogue wants to help, but Jean doesn't trust because of her recent use of Banshee. After Jean leaves, Toad approaches Rogue and tells her that the X-Men don't trust her, and they never will. Rogue flies off to find her own solution to the problem.

Later, a group of angry survivors find William Stryker in Central Park. They remind him that it was a mutant who was responsible for the death of his family. They want him to lead them in an anti-mutant militia and provide him with armor from the defunct S.H.I.E.L.D. Sentinels program.[1]

Rogue goes to Canada and finds Vindicator of Alpha Flight, who is now revealed to be the former Weapon X watchdog John Wraith. John tells Rogue that he will help her track down former Weapon X agents who now work for Magneto. Rogue and Vindicator find Sabretooth and Juggernaut in a pub in Montreal and incapacitates them.

Later, Stryker and his armored death-squad travel upstate hunting down mutants. They find the two-headed Syndicate and blast one of his heads off.


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