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Quote1.png Okay. Okay. You wanna fight? I can fight. I can burn off your skin. You're afraid of us. I'll give you a reason. I'll give you a damn good reason to have nightmares. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Ultimatum (Part II)"

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Synopsis for "Ultimatum (Part II)"

William Stryker's Sentinel unit raids the Xavier estate. After dealing a crippling blow to the Syndicate head, Matthew, they finish the job by killing the second head, Luke.

Meanwhile, Rogue is at Department H trying to recruit help to bring down Magneto. She frees Sabretooth from his cell and tries to intimidate her into helping him. Using power she gleaned from a telepath, Rogue enters Sabretooth's mind, but Sabretooth's Weapon X training prevents her from perceiving anything but selected nightmarish images from his past. Regardless, she convinces Sabretooth to help out. Her colleague, John Wraith, meanwhile, violently convinces Juggernaut to help them out as well. Rogue suddenly receives a psychic flash from Psylocke and learns that William Stryker and his armored goon squad have invaded the Xavier school.

Stryker's team surrounds the perimeter of the school, then begin making an inroad into the student campus. Elizabeth Allan, having only recently joined the team as Firestar, buckles under the pressure and begins wantonly discharging fireballs. One of Stryker's men fires a blast at her, but Toad intercepts the shot and is nearly killed.

Rogue and the others arrive and begin fighting Stryker's men. One of them fires a poison dart that manages to strike Juggernaut in the eye. The poison works quickly and Juggernaut seemingly dies in Rogue's arms. Rogue flies into a rage and attacks Stryker. Stryker taunts Rogue, citing that she is no different than he and that mutants deserve to be hated and feared.


  • This issue is an "Ultimatum" tie-in.
  • The death of Beast is confirmed in this issue.

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