Quote1 I could close your throat until you choke to death. Quote2
-- Karen Grant

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Synopsis for "Who is Karen Grant?"

Karen Grant is a beautiful girl who recently moved to Baltimore, where she lives in an anonymous and mysterious way. She is a mutant with telekinetic powers and, in some ways, she is related to the X-Men. Dave is a security officer at the local mall, where Karen works too. He has fallen in love with her and keeps trying to get her attentions.

One day, at the mall, Mystique and Sabretooth succeed to find Karen thanks to a picture of her posted on Facebook by Dave. They force her to follow them out of the mall in order to talk about some stuff, but Dave intervenes, suspicious of their behavior.

This fact makes Sabretooth aggressive and, all of a sudden, he mortally wounds Dave. Karen reacts, driving away the two mutants. She then unbosoms to the dying Dave that she is actually Jean Grey, a former member of the X-Men.

The same evening at her home, she meets Jimmy Hudson, who claims to be the Wolverine's son.

Solicit Synopsis

Who—or what—is Ultimate X? As the world comes back from the brink of destruction, those left behind struggle to find some semblance of hope. One young woman in particular--the alluring and mysterious Karen--tries to build her life back together, but seems to be hiding something...or rather running away from it. Why so serious, Karen? Maybe her dirty little secret isn’t so little, and might be the key to the mystery of the ULTIMATE X! Brought to you by Eisner award-winning writer JEPH LOEB and legendary illustrator ARTHUR ADAMS!


  • The narrator of this story is Dave.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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