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Quote1.png I just want to talk. You never listen at home and I didn't know what else to do. This is why I dropped out of school. The... wings... when they grow -- hurts so much... I'm trying to help people. Be more like... you and dad... Quote2.png
Derek Morgan

Appearing in "Who or What is Derek Morgan?"

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Synopsis for "Who or What is Derek Morgan?"

Derek Morgan lives in Chicago and he is a mutant able to shift himself in a winged avian form. He tries to do his best to help people by acting as a vigilante during the night, but he has to hide himself from the authorities because of the anti-mutant law. Derek lives with his brother, Joe Morgan, who is a police officer who is recently tasked with the catch of the winged vigilante, not knowing that he is actually his minor brother.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Hudson and Karen Grant are directed to Chicago to accomplish a mission.

One night, Joe is stationed on a rooftop with his fellows policemen looking around in search of the mutant, when, all of a sudden, he's grabbed and dragged away in the air by Derek, who wants to confess him his secret identity. Joe reacts with the purpose to force his brother to surrender to the authorities. His gun accidentally shoots and both of them fall down in the river.

Joe is rescued by the police, while Derek is furtively dragged away by Jimmy Hudson, who has arrived at the right moment. Later, Karen makes Joe forget the secret identity of his brother and believe that he has moved away two months before. Derek decides to join the duo who saved him.

Solicit Synopsis

The mystery of Ultimate X continues! With the world recovering from disaster, a select and special few try to figure out their place in it. What connects a mysterious winged guardian in Chicago with a hardworking cop? What is the true nature of this shadowy figure? And what does it all have to do with the ULTIMATE X?! Eisner award-winning writer JEPH LOEB and iconic illustrator ARTHUR ADAMS bring you the next thrilling chapter in this critically-acclaimed series!


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