Nicholas Fury (Earth-1610)
Nick Fury
Tony, we have been over this a million times. Banner murdered over eight hundred innocent...
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Ultimates Vol 1 2 Textless
Iron Man
I know. I know. And people wonder why I drink.
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Appearing in "The Trial of the Hulk"

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  • USS Constitution (Destroyed)

Synopsis for "The Trial of the Hulk"

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Bruce Banner is currently engaged in what is being called a "fair" trial by jury in the very same city in which he had killed so many as the Hulk. Matt Murdock is offering his services as a lawyer who specializes in metahumans. The Ultimates team are forced to watch only from a television screen. Thor is touting the trial as a distraction to a more alarming situation involving future Ultimate deployments from the United States government. And Nick Fury once again proves that he is the most cold hearted man on the planet. Fury drugs Banner. Hank Pym is responsible for keeping Banner sedated. Pym creates a scenario where Banner is victim to a nuke only a few feet away from him. Banner wakes up and his eyes glow just before the explosion. Hank Pym gets a phone call from someone (Bruce Banner?) saying thanks.

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