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Quote1 But I had acted without faith in the wheel of time, that turns to turn again. Eternity was reborn. The seventh Omniverse became the eighth. And I died. Betrayed by Glorian Gold-and-Good, I fell to oblivion... and in a single moment that was all moments... the moment the wheel turned... I saw what lay beyond. Quote2
Shaper of Worlds

Appearing in "And To All A Good Night"

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  • Taa II (Main story and flashback)


Synopsis for "And To All A Good Night"

  • Synopsis not yet written

Solicit Synopsis

• It’s deep, dark December. A time for long nights, jingle bells... and ghost stories.

• Now imagine the Ultimate Ghost, haunting the largest house of all. A specter that haunts a whole reality.

• The Shaper’s Ghost is at the door of Taa II — and the Ultimates have to catch it!

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