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Captain America to his fellow soldiers

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  • Nazis (First appearance) (Only in flashback)
  • German soldiers (Only in flashback)

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Synopsis for "Super-Human"

In 1945, over the North Atlantic Ocean, a aerial squadron of American planes assault a secret, fortified German facility in Iceland containing a prototype nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile that could end the war in the Axis' favor. Among the soldiers that participated in the battle are Bucky Barnes, a soldier and photographer, and the government-sponsored hero, Captain America. A single and experienced soldier named Kowalski, however, is skeptical of Captain America being an actual hero and believes him to be nothing more than a propaganda figure for recruitment centers.

Upon the assault on the facility, the American forces are held back by the facility's defenses in which Kowalski is wounded and later helped by Bucky. Fortunately, the battle turn in the Americans' favor as Captain America flies a bomber into the facility's entrance and takes out the German defenders. After this, Captain America leads the Americans into the facility and reaches to the missile in which it is primed to hit Washington, D.C. The missile is launched, forcing Captain American to jump and cling onto the missile as it flies over the Atlantic. In a radio contact with Bucky, Captain explains that he will try to disrupt the missile off-course as he pulls a grenade and damaged the missile's propulsion jets in which the grenade blast sent off the missile. As the missile is damaged, it then explodes.

In a inter-monologue by Captain America reading out his last letter to his fiance Gail, promising to her that even if he died their love for each other will love on, as the scene shifts to a somber Bucky and the other American soldiers, who believe that Captain America is dead. The Captain's body is seen plunging into the ocean's depths.

On Mount Everest in 2002, Tony Stark and his colleagues are mountain climbing. Tony relates to the others that he will planned anew on Monday in New York City.


  • The cover pictured is also the cover for Volume 1 of the graphic novels.

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