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Quote1.png Why, Mister Samuel L. Jackson, of course. That's not even open to debate, Doctor Pym. Quote2.png
Nick Fury to Hank Pym on who would play himself in an Ultimates movie

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Synopsis for "Thunder"

For her birthday, actress Elizabeth Shannon goes on a scheduled shuttle launch with Tony Stark. Media personality Larry interviews Tony and asks him how he can justify forming a team of superheroes when there has only been one super-villain attack on the United States so far. Tony compares the situation to buying insurance.

In New York, Janet Pym helps Steve Rogers adjust to the new world as they go shopping. However, when they visit Rogers' old apartment, they find it has been heavily vandalized.

At the Triskelion, the news media covers Giant Man while Betty Ross and Bruce Banner discuss issues with their developing team and gaining new recruits. Nick Fury and Bruce Banner try to recruit the delusional Thor, but he shows no interest in joining a team which would fight to preserve "a corrupt status quo." Realizing they are wasting their time, Fury and Banner leave.

Weeks pass, and the Ultimates have a conversation about who would play whom in a hypothetical Ultimates movie, Banner loses it when Hank Pym insults him once again just like everyone else. Banner takes the Super-Soldier serum, injects it into himself and turns into the Hulk.


  • Thor's first appearance.


  • Nick Fury references to Samuel L. Jackson when asked about who should play him in an Ultimates movie, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Samuel L. Jackson portrays Nick Fury. The rest of the cast includes Matthew McConaughey as Hank Pym, Lucy Liu as Wasp, Johnny Depp as Iron Man, Brad Pitt as Captain America, and Steve Buscemi as Bruce Banner (added by Hank Pym.)

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