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Quote1.png "Actually, if you slow down the building's security tapes, I think you'll find that I saved your lives on three separate occasions, you ungrateful sow." Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "The Experts"

To introduce the new team of Hawkeye and Black Widow, the two go on a mission to kill a whole building of enemies. After an energetic battle, Hawkeye is almost killed but Black Widow saves his life. That night, Nick Fury has all the Ultimates together, and with the new members; Black Widow and Hawkeye. Nick brought all the heroes together to tell them that an alien force, the same Nazi alien force that Captain America had to deal with in World War Two, is back and is wrecking havoc. Nick tells them that they think the aliens are preparing for global annihilation. Meanwhile, Captain America is in Chicago, where he goes to meet Hank Pym, for personal reasons...

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