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Synopsis for "Requiem (Part I)"

J. Jonah Jameson and Ben Urich return to the Daily Bugle offices, still shocked at the widespread destruction caused by the Ultimatum Wave. Jameson believes his family is dead and admits that he was wrong about Spider-Man's supposed criminal status. However, the Daily Bugle's website is still operational, and the remaining staff are determined to keep writing and let the world know what happened. Jameson, inspired by Spider-Man's heroism, decides to write a piece about him, and Urich gives him a flash drive containing all of the Spider-Man stories that Jameson had previously rejected. As he browses the files, Jameson recalls an incident in which Spider-Man saved Tony Stark from HYDRA terrorists. Jonah is interrupted by Urich, who informs Jameson that Spider-Man has been reported dead.

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