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Quote1.png These machines were likely built by those who ultimately failed to control them. Quote2.png


The creatures dubbed as Ultimos were a race of giant humanoid robots created in an alien world centuries into the past. This planet's inhabitants seemingly discovered a potent source of enzymatic energy derived from biomatter, and built the Ultimos to be powered by it. The Ultimos presumably destroyed their creators, devouring them for sustenance.[1] One of these robots somehow left the planet and became known as Ultimo, believed to be the only of its kind, who gained a reputation as a cosmic threat who terrorized civilizations.[2]

After killing its creators, the Ultimos roamed the planet. In modern day, the super villain Stilt-Man learned of the existence of their planet of origin and also found a way to reprogram them. Settling in this planet, Stilt-Man used a teleportation beam to routinely abduct people from all over the universe. Pretending that the same thing had inexplicably happened to him, Stilt-Man rallied the castaways in building a colony called Megiddo. Stilt-Man remotely controlled the Ultimos to regularly terrorize the village, often to consume some of its inhabitants before making them retreat. Establishing the Ultimos as a constant looming threat, Stilt-Man ensured that the Megiddans bonded over survival.[3] After being marooned to Megiddo and joining the colony, Iron Man helped the Megiddans kill one of the Ultimos.[1] When he looked into their remains, Stark discovered Stilt-Man's modifications to allow for the remote control. Following Stilt-Man's defeat, the Living Tribunal teleported all Megiddans back home, leaving the Ultimos alone.[3]




  • Stilt-Man once claimed that the source of the Ultimos was akin to a singularity; a self-automated endless assembly that was continents away from Megiddo.[3]

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