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6 robots constructed to operate the computer Dominus
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The Ultra-Robots were created by the Quists to operate the computer Dominus. Six of them and Dominus were sent to Earth to aid Lucifer in conquering Earth. They were able to capture the X-Men, but the X-Men were able to escape and defeat the Ultra-Robots. Dominus was then recovered by the Quists' Supreme One while Lucifer was sent into exile.[1]

Lucifer later returned to Earth and possessed the bodies of Rafe Michel and the Zodiac Cartel's second Aries. Lucifer discovered that three Ultra-Robots were still operational and sent them to defeat his new nemesis, the Falcon. Captain America intervened and managed to destroy the robots. Lucifer eventually left the bodies of Michel and Aries, resulting in their deaths.[2]


Transportation: Flight under their own power
Weapons: Energy weapons in their hands

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