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The seven Infinity Gems have joined together into Nemesis, a force of creation seeking to remake all there is. However, despite all the Gems being united, she remains fragmented. The original creative force is long gone and the smaller voices within each Gem only attempt to approximate it. As such she cannot create her own universe, only reshape and combine the elements of the universe she inhabits and the other she remembers. Heroes from these universes, Avengers of Earth-616 and UltraForce of Earth-93060, are able to break free from the paper-thin "sketch" dimensions Nemesis formed to regroup on the shattered world of the Ultraverse.

Crystal is happy to be finally reunited with Dane Whitman, but he's distressed by a another reunion of his own. In this mismash world he's come across an alternate Ebony Blade and in his reflexive action to defend himself from an alternate Proctor, he's already bound to it and its thirst for blood. When the Avengers, UltraForce, and all their myriad alternates from the failed sketch worlds come together to attack Nemesis, she had more than enough power to repel them effortlessly, soon wiping out all the sketch versions and leaving only a handful of the original heroes. Black Knight, refusing to be forced to live with the Ebony Blade again, announces his decision to make a suicide run. With no other options, the remaining heroes make one more all-out attack to distract Nemesis, giving Black Knight the opening to strike her crown with his sword and split the Gems once more.

The resulting explosion of creative force remakes the Ultraverse from the ground up. The various heroes return to where they belong with fleeting memories of what transpired.

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  1. 1.0 1.1 First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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