Appearing in "Chapter Two"

This story is a reprint of the comic
UltraForce/Spider-Man #1A.

Synopsis for "Chapter Two"

This story is a reprint of the comic
UltraForce/Spider-Man #1A.

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Synopsis for 2nd story

From their secret headquarters, the masters who control the Shifters observe as Spider-Man and UltraForce's Prime, Ghoul and Topaz arrive at the Stark International facility in Maui. There they find a pile of dead bodies. As they gather the bodies, Ghoul is concerned over what the "Old Prime" told them about a traitor in their midst and begins suspeting his teammates. He shoves these concerns out of his mind so he can use his powers to commune with one of the victims.[Continuity 1] Summoning a spirit of one of the female victims, she tells the gathered heroes that they were slaughtered by creatures called Shifters and that the creatures come from the Ultraverse. When Ghoul's interrogation begins causing the spirit pain, Spider-Man tells him to let her spirit free, earning the Ghoul's ire. Going inside the Stark facility, Spider-Man hacks into the computers and confirms what the spirit told them. As they watch the wall-crawler work on the computer, Topaz is surprised to discover that Spider-Man has the skill to hack into this computer. Ghoul, on the other hand, has decided that he can't trust the wall-crawler. Spider-Man also confirms that the Shifters come from the Ultraverse. That's when he notices that a computer virus has kicked in that is overriding the facility control so instead of drawing power from the S.H.I.E.L.D. satellite overhead, it is getting power from a nearby volcano.

Hearing this causes Ghoul to begin suspecting his teammate Lament because she has a "spiritual connection" with computers and a shady past. That's when Spider-Man's spider-sense begins going off, warning him that they are about to be ambushed. Suddenly, the facility begins to collapse, prompting the heroes to retreat. As they flee, Ghoul tries to convince Prime and Topaz that Lament is the traitor in their midst. He also expresses his mistrust for Spider-Man, finding it convenient that everything started going south as soon as he accessed the computers. Overhearing this annoys the wall-crawler, who briefly considers leaving the Ultras to their own fate, but decides against such a petty move since both of their worlds are in danger. Outside a portal opens up and tentacles emerge from within and try to wrap up the heroes. As the heroes struggle to get free, the masters in control of the Shifters observe from their hideout, confident that their creatures will keep the heroes contained. With the help from Spider-Man, Prime manages to get free. instead of saving his teammates, Prime digs into the ground and finds the maintenance shaft where the facility is drawing energies from the volcano in order to cut off its power source. This causes the magma to flow up to the surface, causing the tentacles to let go of their victims in pain. Before they can all fall in the lava, Prime swoops in and rescues them.

In the aftermath of the battle they are surrounded by American soldiers who accuse UltraForce of planning an invasion of their world. Topaz quickly disarms the soldiers and Spider-Man convinces them that they are trying to stop a war between both worlds. As they commendeer a military helicopter, the gathered heroes begin comparing notes. The Ultras consider how the "Old Prime" warned them that Spider-Man's Earth was going to invade theirs, now the soldiers are claiming the opposite. They begin to wonder what is really going on, however as they fly back to Brooklyn, Ghoul is more convinced than ever that Lament has betrayed them. As they enter the portal into the Ultraverse, the masterminds behind his plot gloat over the fact that they have sewen the seeds of doubt that will lead to their victor.

Appearing in "Chapter Three"

This story is a reprint of the comic
UltraForce/Spider-Man #1A.

Synopsis for "Chapter Three"

This story is a reprint of the comic
UltraForce/Spider-Man #1A.


Continuity Notes

  1. Ghoul makes a joke about getting a "Barbara Walters Exclusive". At the time of this story, Barbara Walters was well known for her work as an investigative journalist for the news program "20/20". This should be considered a topical reference per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616 as Walters slowly retired from journalism in 2015.

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