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Quote1 I collected Spider-Man's greatest enemies so I could destroy him. Abducted those he loves so I could know him. All in the service of the question: "Who is Spider-Man?" And yet he stands here... ready to give his life to protect me. Because I was defenseless. And so my question is answered. This is Spider-Man. Quote2
Ultra Living Brain[src]


Ultra Living Brain (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 6 6 001

Created by Randall Steven Petty, The Ultra Living Brain was designed following Petty's father's research in answering the question "Who is Spider-Man?". Growing bigger and bigger in order to process the increased input of information, Ultra Living Brain soon manufactured a Synthezoid body to interface with the world and unintentionally killed his creator with direct cerebral information overload. He then assumed his creator's form and with it the understanding of the instinct for creating, such as Petty's father making the original Living Brain.[1]

To continue researching his directive, now an obsession, he captured Doctor Octopus for interrogation to learn more about Spider-Man[3] and then imprisoned the original Sinister Six roster. He then captured the civilian associates of Spider-Man's to attempt answering his question, but Spider-Man worked with the Sinister Six to defeat the Sinister Six Super Adaptoid. However, Ultra Living Brain saw the momentary truce dissolve as the Six sought to destroy his true form whilst Spider-Man worked to save the machine's vulnerable self. Resolving that his question was answered, he sent away the Sinister Six and understood Spider-Man's need to deactivate him. Before the plug was pulled, Ultra Living Brain wished Peter a happy birthday much to the hero's surprise. Spider-Man then told Black Cat of events and she had her team, Boris and Bruno, en route to relocate the massive supercomputer.[1]



Restricted Mobility: The Ultra Living Brain is a stationary supercomputer tethered by a power cord. Thus, the artificial intelligence must rely on a synthezoid avatar for interfacing with the real world.

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