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| PlaceOfFormation =
| PlaceOfFormation =
| PlaceOfDefunction =
| PlaceOfDefunction =
| Creators =
| Creators = Marty Isenberg; Robert Skir
| First = Ultraforce (TV series) Season 1 1
| First = Ultraforce (TV series) Season 1 1
| Last = Ultraforce (TV series) Season 1 13
| Last = Ultraforce (TV series) Season 1 13

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Their purpose was to protect the public and keep other Ultras from getting out of line. The membership consisted of various "ultras" (superheroes) in Malibu's Ultraverse including the super strong Prime; Topaz, warrior queen of Gwendor; Prototype, Ultra-Tech's armored spokesperson; the undead Ghoul, the last surving member of the Exiles; Hardcase, the one of the first public Ultras; and the mysterious Contrary, who organized the team and provided their technology.


Equipment: Prototype Armor
Transportation: Contrary's Ship

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