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Season 1

  1. Prime Time
  2. The Stuff of Heroes
  3. Armageddon
  4. Lord Pumpkin's Pie
  5. You Can't Go Home Again
  6. Wrack & Ruin
  7. Night and The Nightman
  8. Prime Ambition
  9. A Veiled Threat
  10. Pump It Up!
  11. Primal Scream
  12. Everything That Rises Must Converge
  13. Jumpin' at the Boneyard

Ultraforce is an animated television series that only ran for 13 episodes. It was based on the first version of the Ultraforce comic book. Ultraforce was a half-hour cartoon produced by DIC Entertainment Production. The series was about Ultras, originally ordinary people who gained super powers that were used for evil purposes. A group of superhero Ultras was formed, led by Hardcase, to fight the Ultras and their evil bad guys - Rune, Lord Pumpkin, and Sludge. The series premiered in syndication as part of Amazin' Adventures II in September 1995. The series was based on the fictional superhero group in Malibu Comics. Their purpose was to protect the public and keep other Ultras from getting out of line. The membership consisted of various "ultras" (superheroes) in Malibu's Ultraverse including the super-strong Prime; Topaz, warrior queen of Gwendor; Prototype, Ultra-Tech's armored spokesperson; the undead Ghoul, the last surviving member of the Squad; Hardcase, the one of the first public Ultras; and the mysterious Contrary, who organized the team and provided their technology.


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