Quote1.png Looking for a fight, Speedy? Glad to give you one! Quote2.png
-- Hellblade

Appearing in "Finale!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Tulkan Star Empire's Armada
  • Alien Elite
    • Aerie
    • Aquan
    • Bemm
    • F'leet
    • Foxeye
    • Gormada
    • Khamuui
    • Kwill
    • Nyteflyt
    • Stummp
  • Demonseed (Mentioned)

Other Characters:

Races and Species:




  • Roosevelt Island Tramway

Synopsis for "Finale!"

UltraForce and the All New Exiles make their final stand! Who trashed New York City? Who obliterated the planet Ozama? What is the fate of the Ultraverse's mightiest heroes? Find out as the two teams tag up in the ruins of the Big Apple for final combat with Maxis! It's a battle which will not only change the line-up of UltraForce, but will also determine the existence of the Exiles!


  • Paniccia is credited as Senior Editor and Bourne as Editorial Assistant, Fear has "<NMe>" behind is name and Malibu is tagged with "(r.i.p.)"


  • Black Knight, Reaper and Blaze return to the Marvel Universe
  • Aladdin apparently works for the "Demonseed" the Aliens were hunting

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