Quote1 What an unpleasant surprise. Another one of the Collector's dogs, here to bark at me. My drones and I have crushed countless of your number. We have taken control of every element of the Contest. I am Legion... you are nothing. Quote2
-- Ultron

Ultron's Assault

Making his way to a remote section of the Battlerealm, Ultron began mass producing robotic Ultron Drones, and working on his plan to corrupt and take over the Battlerealm for himself. He managed to completely decimate the Battlerealm area he had been hiding in, tearing down its cities and siphoning off all of its resources to create massive factories shaped like his head to produce more Ultron Drones, crushing the Contest's entrants to enforce his will.

When the Collector took notice, he was deeply offended that a valuable section of the Battlerealm had been lost, and sent the Summoner to apprehend Ultron so that he could dispense his own justice on him.

Despite the massive Ultron factories, the corrupted Champions and the ISO-8 Crystals Ultron had gained access to during his attempt to infect the Contest, the Summoner teamed-up with the Avengers and managed to corner and defeat Ultron.

Ultron's infection on the Contest was diminished soon afterwards, and he was returned to the Collector's Vault, becoming another Champion for the Summoner to access.[1]

Rocket and Groot's Holiday Special

Ultron met with the Summoner again when he teamed-up with Rocket Raccoon to try and find his lost friend Groot. Ultron was being kept in a hidden section of Battlerealm where a small portion of his Ultron-dominated area had been secured by the Collector out of affection. The Summoner and Rocket had to defeat Ultron in order to progress their search for Groot.[2]

M.O.D.O.K., Mo' Problems

A broken version of Ultron was later fixed by M.O.D.O.K. to become his loyal servant.[3]


Seemingly those of his Marvel Cinematic Universe counterpart.

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