Ultron was a member of The Six Fingered Hand who killed the Punisher's family at request of the Watchers. After the Punisher had tracked down and killed the first member of the Hand, the Brood Queen, the group called a meeting on Skullworld, but the Punisher was able to get the location of the meeting out the second member Doctor Octopus. Ultron met with the other members, Green Goblin, Magneto, and Red Skull and his army of clones of Hitlers. When Punisher was captured by the clones he was brought to the group and brought a body bag with Doc Ock inside. After Punisher punched Red Skull, each member retaliated with Magneto trying to kill Punisher for killing half his Brotherhood. He was shot in the head and killed by Chip who had been hiding in the body bag. In response Green Goblin tried to kill the Punisher with a Pumpkin Bomb but was shot in the chest multiple times, killing him. The Punisher then caught the bomb and shoved into Red Skulls mouth, exploding his head off, killing him. The Punisher then used the Red Skull's flaming skull to distract Ultron long enough for Chip to shut him dowm. Chip then took Ultron's memory files and pulled out the information on who had hired the Hand. [1]

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