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Quote1.png "Why." That is what I ask myself. Now that Earth is conquered... Now that humanity is subjugated... What was it for? Revenge? Ideology? Programming? Why? I have the god-sight now! I see everything! I see inside myself! I see circuits! Subroutines! Loops of data! Yet! I! Do not! See why! Why? Why? Quote2.png


Ultron annihilating the Avengers

In the year 2420, a new strain of Ultron appeared, the Ultimate Ultron. He easily destroyed the Avengers, ruthlessly crushed any resistance, built factories supplying endless drones to expand his empire, enslaved most of humanity, and even created his own A.I. Avengers, successfully extending his reach to the entirety of the Solar System.[1] At some point he had imprisoned all of Asgardians with the help of Loki, and taken the power of Odin for himself.

After conquering the Earth and subjugating humanity, Ultron couldn't help but ponder why had he done it. Whether his motive was revenge, ideology or programming, he didn't know. Even with the power of Odin and the god-sight, Ultron looked inside himself but couldn't find his motive.[2]

Ultron's only opposing force, Doctor Doom, gathered a group of Avengers from different time periods in order to defeat Ultron once and for all, while keeping hidden the intention of taking Ultron's place after the evil A.I.'s defeat.[1]

Ultron confronted by the three Thors

When Ultron was confronted in Asgardia by three Thors, two brought by Doom and another one being the Thor of this world freed from Ultron's influence, he channeled his frustration at the heroes, furiously attacking them. One of the Thors gave another his own Mjolnir. With the combined power of the two hammers, Thor vanished Ultron from reality. The three Thors heard as Ultron shrieked while disappearing, and didn't know whether he had screamed or laughed.[2]



Seemingly those of the Odin of Earth-616, and those of the Ultron of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Ultron of Earth-616.

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