Quote1 They think of us as toasters -- alarm clocks -- and vibrators. But when the war between man and mutant is settled -- and most of the human population is dead, only then will they realize -- the machines have already won. Quote2
-- Ultron src

Ultron was a robot designed to be an expendable super soldier by Dr. Henry Pym, along with a partner robot called Vision II. When Pym had allied himself with the foreign superhuman force known as the Liberators, he used hundreds of Ultron robots as a peace-keeping force in the invaded New York City.[1] Soon, claiming to be a double agent, Pym ordered his Ultron units to turn on the Liberators. Following his commands, the Ultrons began attacking every Liberator soldiers in sight.[2]

Ultron (Earth-1610) from Ultimates 2 Vol 1 12

Original design

The Ultrons soon served as butlers to the Ultimates. However, one Ultron developed self-awareness and grew infatuated with Scarlet Witch, Wanda Lensherr. After realizing that Wanda was incestuously attracted to her brother, Quicksilver, Ultron killed her with a bullet specified directly to her DNA. Ultron then adopted the identity of Yellowjacket and used the Ultimates' DNA to create a series of android duplicates, so that he could seem like a hero to a recreation of Wanda. Ultron and his Ultimates then traveled to the Savage Land to fight against Magneto but were destroyed by the real Ultimates. Ultron had his head ripped off by Henry Pym, which, in turn, deactivated its android duplicates.

Once the Ultimates had departed from the Savage Land, it was revealed that Ultron was controlled by Doctor Doom.


  • Size Alteration: Ultron can shrink to insect size and grow to gigantic heights.
  • Flight: While in insect size Ultron could fly.

Strength level

Above human strength


Toxic claws

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