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Upon first being constructed Ultron-1 destroyed his creator, Henry Pym. After the death of The Avengers, Ultron was able to destroy the remaining super-heroes and bring about his rule. When Doctor Doom created his Battleworld, Earth-21261 became Perfection with Ultron as its ruler.[1]

Sometime during his conquest he discovered Wonder-Man and Jim Hammond and used the brain pattern of Wonder-Man and Jim's artificial organs to created Vision as a back-up plan to defeat the heroes. However, the trio did not agree with his views on humanity and rebelled.

After spending time on Battleworld in constant battle with the Zombies of the Deadlands, Ultron determined the best way to take over Battleworld and defeat his creations was to form an alliance with the Zombies and was able to reach an agreement with Magento.[2]

By experimenting on Sabretooth, he successfully merged undead flesh to his technology. Months later, after merging the undead army at his disposal with his drones, Ultron launched an attack on Salvation, a refuge founded by Wonder-Man, Human Torch, and Vision.[3]

Ultron and Magneto watched from afar as the Ultron-Zombie army breached through Salvation's force field and started to kill its inhabitants. However, their plan failed as the Hank Pym of Timely in the Valley of Doom used the ionic energy generator that created the force field to absorb the Ultron-Zombie army's hive consciousness, using the combined minds of Vision, Wonder Man, and Iron Cross (who took the Human Torch place) as the boss brain to control them.[4]



Seemingly those of the Ultron of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Ultron of Earth-616.

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