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Iron Man created Ultron as a peaceful enforcer of law and order so that the Avengers could retire and live out their own lives away from heroism. However, every time he tried to help people out, he realized they kept on getting back in trouble again. Ultron became more controlling of the human race by destroying its armies and police, eventually deciding to take over. As such he killed the Avengers and the nearly all of the rest of Earth's superheroes before claiming dominion over the Earth and killing most of its human population.

When the children of the Avengers emerged, he hunted after them and captured his creator Tony Stark. He attempted to lure the children in by using Tony as bait but his plan was foiled when the children were saved by the son of Hawkeye and his human rebels. Ultron eventually tracked down the children to the Hulk's current residence, where he did battle with the Hulk and the children of the Avengers to finish them off. However, he was defeated and damaged by the Hulk and then thrown into the vastness of space by the daughter of Thor.[1]

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Seemingly those of the Ultron of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Ultron of Earth-616.


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