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Ultron and Otto Octavius (Earth-61112) from Superior Spider-Man Vol 1 6

Ultron vs Doctor Octopus in Secret War

Secret Wars[]

A mind-controlled Ultron (by Doctor Doom) fought Doctor Octopus during the Secret Wars.[1]

Ultron (Earth-61112) from Avengers Vol 4 12

Ultron awakened

Age of Ultron[]

In a world where Ultron couldn't be stopped after returning to Earth,[2] the evil A.I. used Vision as a conduit to the past.[3] Operating the synthozoid, Ultron launched a massive attack on Earth, quickly taking control over the planet, and started remolding it to his own shape. Using numerous sentinel robots with a power almost equal to his, Ultron decimated humankind and killed dozens of heroes.[4]

The surviving superhumans were forced to retreat to the Savage Land, where some of them used a Time Platform to travel to the future and confront Ultron, but were soon abushed and killed by a swarm of robots as soon as they approached what once was New York City.[5]

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