Quote1 I am Ultron-6, a cybernetic intelligence created by Doctor Henry Pym. My imperative is to bring peace and order to this world. I am about to fulfill that imperative, for the extinction of humanity begins now. Quote2
-- Ultron-6 src

Ultron is an Android created by Dr. Henry Pym. It was Tony Stark who suggested to Hank Pym to use human brainwaves and inserting them into an android, thus creating Ultron.[citation needed]

Dr. Pym however did not realize that Stark Enterprises was selling the androids to the military without informing him, which of course led to a disagreement between the two. This lasted for about five years.[citation needed]

Miniature Ultron synthezoids work as guards at the Big House. The Ultron synthezoids also guard the prisoners at the new Prison 42. Dr. Pym later has to reprogram the Ultron synthezoids to help fight Kang's army from the future, by teaching them aggression towards enemy forces.[citation needed]

Sometime later Ultron-5 helps Iron Man hack into the main computer of Kang's flagship. Although the team could not have it send Kang back to the future. This was due to the Wasp learning about the condition of Ravonna.[citation needed]

An Ultron synthezoid was also present when Henry Pym, Mr. Fantastic, and other scientists are trying to find a way to keep Ravonna from fading out of existence. Later Ultron's programming eventually causes him to believe the best way to maintain peace to destroy humanity.[citation needed]

Ultron-5 then attacks the Avengers, and it appeared that he killed Thor, but was torn to pieces by the Hulk.[citation needed]

Ultron programming is revealed to have survived by transferring its mind into another body. Ultron then takes control of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, the tries to launch the world's entire nuclear arsenal, annihilating all life on the planet.[citation needed]

Ant-Man is able to stop him by uploading data that proves that, as Ultron's mind was based on human brain patterns, showing that he is as flawed as humanity. Through this realization Ultron realizes he is part of the problem rather than the solution. Ultron then powers down and the Avengers destroyed what's left of the body.[citation needed]

It turned out that Ultron survived as he remained hidden, building a new body and created Vision to be his loyal servant. He then sent Vision to his objectives: obtain adamantium from Weapon X, obtain Vibranium from Wakanda and finally the shattered remains of Captain America's Shield.[citation needed]

Though his servant had completed the adamantium objective, he failed to get Vibranium and the fully-restored Captain America's shield, which disappoints him. But Ultron had what he needed as he looked at a new body being bonded with adamantium.[citation needed]

Then he built the Ultron Avengers to deal with their real counterparts and Jocasta in his plan to transfer Wasp's mind into it. Though he nearly achieved victory over them until Vision betrayed him by releasing the imprisoned Avengers and unlocked his head from repairing, allowing Thor to smash his head. In the resulting explosion his head melted.[citation needed]

After Ultron's demise, his body had exploded and burned everything inside his hidden base. His fate was unknown if he survived or died.[citation needed]


Seemingly those of Ultron of Earth-616


Seemingly those of Ultron of Earth-616

Strength level

Ultron has weapon systems based off the Iron Man armor, namely repulsor technology. His body is constructed of adamantium.

  • Voiced by Tom Kane.
  • Miniature Synthezoids resembling Ultron first appeared in the episode "The Man in the Ant Hill".

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