Attack on Stark Industries

In order to steal Stark Industries' Adamantium reserves to create an army of duplicates, Ultron took control of various robots and androids, including Sentinels, Doombots, the Super-Adaptoid, and even the heroic Vision, to attack the company's facility. His plan was interrupted by the arrival of Iron Man and Spider-Man.

While Iron Man dealt with Ultron's army, Ultron took on Spider-Man personally. The evil robot was stopped after Spider-Man froze his body with liquid nitrogen. With Ultron defeated, the robots under his command broke free from his control.[1]

Ressurection of Ultron

Ultron eventually broke free, transmitting his computer mind from his frozen body into a new one created with the help of an eslaved policemen-robot from Stark Industries. Ultron subsequently attacked a Stark Industries expo using Titanium Man, whose armor he took control of. Iron Man and Spider-Man teamed up again and opposed the villain. Following the Titanium Man's defeat, Ultron appeared on the scene.[2] Enraged by Ultron's action, Titanium Man allied himself with the two heroes to take revenge against Ultron.

Following a tedious confrontation, Spider-Man weakened Ultron with a Vibranium radiator. Iron Man and Titanium Man finished off the villain with a simultaneous shot from their repulsors, which caused Ultron's body to overload and get destroyed.[3]


Seemingly those of Ultron of Earth-616.

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