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An Ultron Drone is a replica of the nihilistic android Ultron.[7] It doesn't possess a consciousness of its own, serving only as an extension of its master.


Several Ultron Drones took part in the Scarlet Witch's mad assault on the Avengers, infesting the Vision and destroying Avengers Mansion before being neutralized.[3][8]

When Ultron Pym returned to Earth, he built cities full of Ultron Drones in a remote part of Alaska which became known as the Ultronic Territories.[9]

Alternate Reality Versions

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Age of Ultron (Earth-61112)

Hundreds of Ultron Drones were used by Ultron to launch a full-scale mechanized invasion of Earth.[7]

The death of Wasp leading to an earlier Age of Ultron (Earth-14622)

The untimely death of Hank Pym's wife the Wasp, Pym went on to create a more brutal version of Ultron, which was to replace the Avengers. Ultron's sentience began to constantly evolve, and he started the eradication of the human race by taking out threats such as the Avengers and the Defenders, purposefully leaving Pym alive to watch him suffer. Ultron and his army of drones then moved to Kola, Russia, so he could bore himself into the planet's core itself in order to create the ultimate version of himself, Ultron-1320. Pym attempted to stop him, but he was captured and converted into Ultron-1321.[10]

Ultron later learned to travel into different realities using tears created by the multiversal chaos brought on by Wolverine's time-traveling. He invaded several realities using his army of drones. With the assistance of Hank Pym of Earth-14622, the Avengers Infinity traveled to Ultron's base in Kola and destroyed his power source, thus ending Ultron's threat.[11]

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)

The Ultron Sentries were developed by Ultron by upgrading designs left over by Hydra in a facility in Sokovia. They became Ultron's foot soldiers in his quest against the Avengers.[6]

Ultron Forever (Earth-14831)

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After destroying the Avengers, Ultron created factories that relentlessly built Ultron Drones to expand his empire.

As part of a plan to take over Ultron's reign, Doctor Doom assembled a team of Avengers from different points in time, and had two of them, Vision and Iron Man, assault the Avengers Tower, the location from where all of Ultron's drone factories were controlled.[12]

Vision and Iron Man successfully accomplished their mission, believing to have destroyed the power source of the factories. However, Doom had lied to them, and what they had destroyed was actually the security systems, allowing Doom to hack into the factories and gain control of Ultron's army, retrofitting the drones to his own image.[13]

Ultron Drones from Uncanny Avengers Ultron Forever Vol 1 1 001.jpg

Following Ultron's defeat, Doctor Doom used the newly-aquired army to hunt down the time-displaced Avengers, who had escaped before Doom could send them back to their time periods. After finding themselves surrounded by a never-ending army of sentinels, the Avengers took the fight to Doom, and convinced him to free the Earth.[14]

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