Several Ulysses Bloodstone on Battleworld, whose domains of origin are unknown, were sentenced to life beyond The Shield and became Zombies.

One such Ulysses Bloodstone knew of the other duplicates of himself on Battleworld and went and obtained all versions of the Bloodstone to become whole. In doing so he killed all other versions of Ulysses, Elsa, Cullen, and other members of the Bloodstone family.

One of the last Bloodstones was Commander Elsa Bloodstone of the Hel-Rangers who eventually defeated him with the help of "Shuttup" who was a manifestation of Elsa's childhood brought about by the Bloodstone. Elsa removed all the Bloodstone power from Ulysses and the pair traveled back to the Shield together.[1]


Seemingly those of the Ulysses Bloodstone of Earth-616.

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