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Umbral Dynamics
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Umbral Dynamics Headquarters, Bagalia
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Umbral Dynamics was a mysterious organization who hired the services of Deadpool and his Mercs for Money to apprehend several individuals they claimed were a danger to themselves and others due to being a potential source of radiation. Their targets included Negasonic Teenage Warhead,[1] Radioactive Man,[2] and Cobalt Man.

While dropping off the latter of the targets to Umbral Dynamics, undercover Umbral agent Machine Man revealed to Deadpool that atrocious things hid behind the company's façade.[3] Deadpool subsequently infiltrated Umbral's headquarters in Bagalia in order to fix his mistake and rescue Negasonic Teenage Warhead. During the rescue operation, he discovered Umbral Dynamic's CEO Caroline Le Fay had used the combined powers of the targets to bring back the Presence to life.[3]

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