Una-Rogg and her brother Zey-Rogg wound up on Earth as a consequence of the events of Maximum Security and quickly encountered the son of the man who killed their father Yon-Rogg, Captain Marvel, Una-Rogg fed on the life force of a human man and fought briefly with Marlo Chandler while her brother fought Captain Marvel. During the fight with Marlo her leg was sliced open and her spilled blood attracted the Kree Bloodhounds who are duty bound to hunt down any Kree woman possessing the rare natural powers Una-Rogg had at the time to ensure they undergo procedures to remove them. The Bloodhounds took Una-Rogg who called to her brother for help who told her he didn't care.[1]

Captain Marvel later came to Hala to seek the Supreme Intelligence's help in restoring Rick Jones' youth and arm, he was thrown in a cell with Una-Rogg after being defeated by Ronan and learned that Una-Rogg had undergone the first in a series of procedures to remove her innate abilities as well as her ability to enjoy physical pleasure but that due to the Kree becoming Ruul she would not be undergoing the others. The Supreme Intelligence sent Una-Rogg along with Captain Marvel to retrieve rare radiation from a sun within the Negative Zone to heal Rick Jones, she cheered Captain Marvel on while he fought Burstarr who then almost killed her.[2] Una-Rogg was then given a vessel and exiled from the Ruul.[3]


Una-Rogg formerly possessed the power to enslave men to her will, and to drain their life energy when she kissed them.[1]

Strength level

As a Kree, Una-Rogg was around twice as strong as an Earth woman of the same age, height, and build.


Hidden blade within wrist gauntlet[3]

  • Due to Una-Rogg and her brother being temporarily imprisoned on Earth during Maximum Security the both of them likely had extensive criminal records as most of those who ended up on Earth did.[1]
  • Una-Rogg and Ronan used to sleep together before he was elevated to the position of Accuser, she accused him of being an unsatisfactory lover and claimed that the size of his Universal Weapon was to make up for size dificiences elsewhere. She also revealed that her life draining ability first manifested while they were having sex.[4]

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