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Unausprechlichen Kulten was written by Von Junzt,[5] a German eccentric.[7] It was also known as the Nameless Cults[1][4][2]

Modern Age

Mr. Costigan read in the Black Book about the Black Stone, mentioning it as having been once the object of worship of an ancient fertility cult.[7]

Jedediah, living in Witch House, in Penmallow, in Cornwall, England, possessed a copy of "Nameless Cults".[5]

Using his copy of "Nameless Cults", Herr Tussmann to find the pre-columbian Temple of the Toad in Central America, built by a different race. There he found the toad-shaped jewel, a key, that he used to open the tomb, that way awakening the Toad God, which stalked him back home to retrieve the jewel.[4]


John Stark possessed a copy of the extremely rare Dusseldorf edition of the book, called the Black Book.[6]


The book was known as the Black Book due to its dark contents.[6] It included:

  • information on "cosmic obsenity that slumbers", and of cults and lost races that await to end that slumber,[1] such as:
  • the tale of the sunking of Kalumesh, a land accursed by the Elder Ones representing good because its people worshipped the demon-god Dagoth, himself a servant of Shuma-Gorath,[5]
  • a warning of waking "sleeping things",[4] such as:
    • the Toad God[8] of the pre-columbian Temple of the Toad in Central America (built by a different race), of the toad-shaped jewel in it, and that "the temple's god is the temple's treasure",[4]
  • a chapter on the summoning of daemons out of the Void,[6]


  • The Unausprechlichen Kulten is fictional book created by Robert E. Howard in "The Black Stone" (November, 1931), adapted in Savage Sword of Conan #74 (March, 1982).
    • Howard was credited as "featuring concepts created by" for the mention of the item in "The Spawn of Sligguth!" (Marvel Premiere #4; September, 1972).

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