Doreen Green (Earth-616) and Monkey Joe (Earth-616) from G.L.A. Vol 1 1 0002
Squirrel Girl
Squirrels: attack!!
Conversation Tail
Tomas Lara-Perez (Earth-616) from Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol 1 6 001
Chipmunk Hunk
Chipmunks: attack!!
Conversation Tail
Ken Shiga (Earth-616) from Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol 2 7 002
Koi Boi
Koi: stand ready for when we knock her into the water!!
Conversation Tail

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Synopsis for 1st story

Solicit Synopsis

• Our friend Squirrel Girl doesn’t like our new friend Girl Squirrel! In this issue we’ll discover if this dislike is... POTENTIALLY JUSTIFIED??

• Also: if you don’t care whether or not these two people like each other, perhaps me telling you that THE WORLD HAS GONE MAD AND SQUIRREL GIRL HAS TO FIGHT THE AVENGERS IN THIS ISSUE will attract your attention?

• It did? Well guess what: she also fights Ratatoskr, the Norse God of squirrels!

• Also, Old Guy Thor is in this issue! As is New Lady Thor! We don’t have Frog Thor, though.


  • Almost every page of this issue contains a small text at the bottom of it, from the point of view of the writer.

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