Quote1 You may be able to force animals to do things, Melissa, but that doesn't make you a leader. All that makes you is a bully. Real strength -- not just physical, but like, actual strength of character -- is to have all the power to bully someone and not use it. It's when you know that might doesn't make right, even when -- especially when -- you have all the might in the world. It's when you choose to be the bigger person. Quote2
-- Squirrel Girl

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• Worst-mentor-ever Melissa Morbeck has trapped Squirrel Girl in her house, surrounded by zoo animals under her control, and laid out her demands: She wants to have... A CHAT.

• Does that not sound exciting enough? What if we were to tell you that this chat ALSO involves punching, shocking revelations, a little bit of cool computer stuff and MACHINE-GUN-WIELDING BEARS, who are as extremely cute as they are extremely deadly??

• Squirrels AND machine-gun bears, all in the same comic?! That’s right. Only SQUIRREL GIRL gives you what you want, assuming you have those two very particular interests!!

• Hopefully you do; we’ve got a lot riding on this.

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