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Synopsis for 1st story

Batroc is threatening to reveal about Gwenpool's lack of skills to M.O.D.O.K., but changes his mind once she tells about her knowledge about everyone in the Marvel universe - including Batroc himself, as she makes him notice he can't remember anything prior to his first confrontation with Captain America. Meanwhile, M.O.D.O.K. cannot pay Gwen because she lacks a bank account, and in his investigation fails to find anything regarding her past and guile. Trying to fix this, Gwen asks the help of her tailor Ronnie, who proceeds to arrange her a meeting with Doctor Strange - who arrives as Batroc is giving Gwen some shooting lessons. Strange sees Gwen is from another Reality and used his powers to transplant every trace of Gwen's existence from her home dimension to her new reality. Before the sorcerer leaves, Gwen shows him Cecil's skull and asks if there is any way she could talk to her friend "for real". As Batroc takes Gwen for fighting lessons, the databases around the world are updated with Gwen's info - and once M.O.D.O.K. sees she is a totally ordinary person, he swears to remove her from his organization with lethal force.

Solicit Synopsis

• Gwen is somehow still alive...despite having no skills or training!

• If that were not trouble enough...some of her allies are starting to suspect!

• Being in a comic book is not as easy as it looks!


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