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Unbinding Stone of Oshemar from Thor The Deviants Saga Vol 1 1 001.jpg

Created by Oshemar as an ultimate weapon to help his people, the Caldarans, defeat their enemy, the Sextus Hive. While it fulfilled its initial purpose, it quickly grew too powerful, destroying everything in Oshemar's dimension before he could open a portal to a neighboring dimension, arriving in Asgard. The shunt between dimensions somehow forced the Stone to deactivate. Though Oshemar vowed to not sleep until he found a way to destroy the Stone, he quickly perished as a result of fighting the Stone's power and traveling between dimensions. Though Odin initially thought to use it, his son's insistence that it be destroyed led to the compromise of it being put in storage.[1] Following Asgard's relocation to Oklahoma and its destruction during Osborn's Siege,[2] the throne room (like much of Asgard) was left in ruins. Eventually the Deviant Ereshkigal, scavenging the ruins, came upon the Stone. Though briefly opposed by Thor, she managed to escape with it, hoping it would give her the power she had sought since the removal of the Star Brand.[1]

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